What Others Say About Us

Larry Benet,
The Connector

“Glynis Brooks and Laurel Mclane put on an amazing first class event that I was super impressed with. From the Fireworks on the beach, to the gifts in the room every night, to the amazing deals they negotiated for their client, to how beautiful the chairs and tables looked  on the beach.”

Vince Reed,
CEO My Internet Traffic System

“Laurel and Glynis are the best event coordinators in the industry. They took care of my first event and are already planning my second event. I would never work with anyone else and I highly recommend you using them if you want to make sure your events run smoothly and want your guest to have an amazing time. Thanks so much for what you do.”

Daven Michaels,
CEO 123Employee.com

“Thank you and your team once again. You guys were awesome and incredibly professional.”


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